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Date: 22nd August 2016
Wool Spinning Compact Spinning System
Wuxi (Wenzhou) Wanbao Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional wool spinning compact spinning system manufacturer and company,Website:http://www.wuxiwanbao.com, welcome to wholesale low price and high-quality wool spinning compact spinning system from us.Wool spinning compact spinning systemSuitable for worsted and semi-worsted fields. To reduce yarn hairiness, increase yarn quality performance.The yarn has better finish,good CV%,higher strength,easier operating and higher safty performance.??1.Yarn is more compact and has better finish. Yarn hairiness decreased abviously. Above 3mm of tube yarn, hairiness can be ? reduced more than 60%??2. Strength is increased by 10%-15%, compared with ring spinning.??3.CV% is better than ordinary yarn??4.We can use a lower level of textile raw materials to produce the same quality of yarn as traditional ring spinning of spinning frame? or use same raw materials to make out of higher quality yarn.??5.Breakage rate and fly decreased, hence the output increased obviously, the intensity of operative worker decreased significantly? and the corporation cost delinedWool spinning output apron combined pieceBe adopted in all kinds of ring frames cradles. Flexible assembling, stable performance and meet the demand of compact spinning yarn technical target.????Wool spinning compact spinning special model pipeSpecial designed curved shape for the inlet scoop gurantees excellent compact spinning effect.???2.Adopt downdraft. Easy to operate???3.Collective aspiration pipeline design is more reasonable???4.Better remodelling result ??Wool spinning roller fast bracketDevice to fix the negative pressure pipe. Easy to reform and long term stable service?